Virtual Desktop Integration (VDI)

VDI solutions from Business PC Support benefit all types of organizations. However, companies operating in the legal and medical spheres will find life much easier with a virtual desktop.

Imagine using your work computer from anywhere and on any device. A virtual desktop infrastructure makes it possible by allowing you to connect to your computer via the Internet. How? Your ‘computer’ is no longer a physical machine but instead uses your central server to store data, applications, operating system, RAM, processes, and power.

The team at Business PC Support will explain precisely how virtual desktop integration can help your business cut costs and boost growth.


Managing a big desktop environment can use up many resources for your business. IT management can also be challenging because different network parts may not have the same settings or operating systems.

But there is good news: it doesn't need to be hard. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) makes it easier by putting management, patching, and support in one place and giving everyone a more straightforward way to access them.


A software-defined, streamlined management system that cuts costs and saves time.
Monitoring and scanning your whole system around the clock to make sure it is safe from viruses and always up.

Systems that don't care about their hardware can work with any device, giving users the most flexibility and control options.


VDI systems let you run your business technology in any way you choose. They give you more power over all the connected devices. Additionally, they can be expanded and changed, allowing your foundation to change as your business grows.

Optimize Performance

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) requires significantly fewer management resources than conventional desktop infrastructure. Streamlined cloud administration allows you to allocate your IT resources to other business areas.

Enhance Flexibility

A virtual desktop architecture is the key to your company's mobility independence. With it, you can access your data whenever and wherever you like, using any device you like.

Minimize Downtime

Proactively monitoring and managing your data allows you to fix problems before they impede your work. This allows you to stay focused and get things done without worrying about being interrupted.


Not being in IT might make virtual desktop infrastructure hard to understand. That's why having an IT team take care of it for you is so important. Desktop virtualization is a type of software that can separate the desktop environment and the apps that run on it from the device that is used to view them. Users can then access their virtual screen from anywhere, on any device.

In VDI, a hypervisor divides servers into virtual machines. These virtual machines host virtual desktops that users can view from any device. Everything happens on the host computer. VDI is an excellent tool for businesses with employees who work from home or travel frequently. With VDI, workers can still access their computers even when not at work.

Before you can use VDI, you must move your current desktop hardware. First, we'll look at your current network, determine your average input and output needs, and then choose the best storage choices for you. Once you've moved over, we'll set up and improve your virtual infrastructure so that you can get more done.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Advantages

Using virtual desktop infrastructure as an additional business tool for your organization has several benefits. You can rapidly get set up with VDI if you work with an experienced IT company such as Business PC Support. Our friendly IT specialists will assist you with the infrastructure migration and ensure your staff can easily utilize VDI. Here are some benefits that virtual desktop infrastructure will soon bring to your company:

Access from Anywhere

Once VDI is set up, your employees will be able to access their workstations from anywhere. They can work at the office while moving, or at home. It saves money, too, since you won't have to buy extra licenses for workers who have both a desktop and a laptop.

Control and Uniformity

The virtual desktop infrastructure allows widespread or near-universal access to the desktop image. You will have authority over what is implemented, where it can be found, and what is accessible. This level of control is more difficult to maintain on individual workstations, where users hold more authority.

Reliability and Security

Virtual desktop infrastructure can reduce maintenance expenses and monitor security. With VDI, you will only have one center point that needs to be updated, patched, and maintained. Thank goodness you won't have to worry about anything if you have a specialized tech team like Business PC Support. We will make sure that your VDI works well and safely.

The Ability to Switch Environments

Some workplaces, for example, have employees who require multiple environments or two different versions of Windows. Using VDI won’t hinder their ability to switch between the two settings. The virtual desktop infrastructure allows you to use both so employees can continue to be productive across environments.