Cloud Services

Our Cloud Services help you pick the best cloud IT options for your business and take care of your new IT environment so it works better, safer, and more flexible.

Do any of these pain points sound familiar?

We're having trouble with remote access

We should make it easier to meet our compliance standards

We must be able to access our info from more devices

We require an improved method for collaborating and sharing documents

We're worried about how safe and reliable our network is

We want to maximize the floor space on our servers and reduce maintenance costs

The cloud enhances business operations

If you are still using servers located on your premises, you are likely facing obstacles, whereas others who have migrated to the cloud are benefiting from substantial advantages. The cloud simplifies various tasks such as collaboration, productivity, and data protection while also decreasing capital expenses.

Cloud computing solutions are prevalent in the commercial environment. Nevertheless, it is vital to execute them with a well-defined plan that corresponds to your distinct operational and security prerequisites. By utilizing cloud services in Business PC Support, we collaborate with you to achieve your business objectives.

Models of Cloud Computing: How to help your business choose the best cloud service

To assist clients in migrating to cloud computing, we evaluate their requirements and determine the configuration that will best meet their objectives.

What benefits may the cloud offer your company? Is it more effective to handle things on-site? What kind of cloud solution would be best for your personnel and procedures?

This preliminary analysis ensures that your work environment is correctly implemented and maximizes its benefits for your business.

Hybrid Server & Cloud Atmosphere

We have a file server and domain manager on-site, using Microsoft SharePoint/OneDrive or a different file management tool, such as Dropbox for Business.

Full Cloud Setting

SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams are all part of Microsoft 365, which is a set of well-known and important work apps.

Cloud App Servers and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Legacy apps that do not have a software-as-a-service option can be operated virtually from the cloud. Alternatively, it is possible to virtualize complete desktop workspaces.

Why Choose Business PC Support Cloud Services?

You can select from configurable private, public, or hybrid cloud servers that fit your needs.

For assistance with any problem, our cloud services IT support professionals are available 24/7.

You will benefit from our expertise in Microsoft 365, the world's most popular cloud platform.

We will set up controlled cloud server backups to ensure the security of your data in a different location.

We will assist you in implementing a diverse array of CRM, ERP, and general business-related apps.

We will provide you with a scalable cloud environment so you always have enough capacity and only pay for what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cloud Servces

Why should we alter our approach by migrating to the cloud?

The cloud is an important part of "Digital Transformation," which means using new tools to make every part of a business better. In every market and industry, technologies are always changing. Companies that accept digital transformation become more competitive and grow, while businesses that don't change are falling behind. Cloud computing is now the standard way to run a business because it improves speed and security while also lowering costs. You can easily make the switch to digital and stay competitive with a cloud setting.

Does the cloud truly cost less than on-premises servers?

For most businesses, the answer is yes. Any cloud setting will seem to have a ROI break-even point if you only compare the cost of cloud service fees to the cost of physical server infrastructure. You only pay for the users you use, so for some businesses, it may make more sense to go with on-premises computers. This does not, however, take into account the many ways that cloud computing can save you money or the many costs that come with real infrastructure. For instance, the cost of running a data center on-site keeps going up. When the amount of data grows, you have to buy more storage systems, make more room on the floor, pay for more power, and hire more people to handle it all. In the same way, software needs to be fixed, updated, installed, and then installed again. All of this time and money is unnecessary with cloud computing because it gives you pay-as-you-go services that are always up-to-date and safe without you having to do anything.

Transitioning to cloud computing: What are we going to do? Will this make us move more slowly?

There's no need to worry about it. Since the inception of "The Cloud," we have been moving businesses to the cloud. We can improve our normal procedure, which entails thorough preparation, communication, and training, if you have any more requirements. We are aware of people's worries that any changes will make them go more slowly. However, if you make the switch to the cloud, your productivity will increase quickly. We assist you at every stage of this process, including selecting the top cloud hosting options. We offer a variety of ongoing training and upskilling for your staff on your new cloud technologies, including live Q&As, written and video manuals, and online or in-person seminars, to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

How long before we may expect to see a return on investment?

Depending on the extent of your cloud migration and the availability of your team, you can implement and operationalize the project within 3-5 weeks. This encompasses the processes of strategizing, setting up, instructing, and transferring. When a business transitions to the cloud, they will experience instant advantages in terms of collaboration and productivity.