Network Design

Business PC Support has not only created hundreds of networks, ranging from a few computers to hundreds over large geographical areas. But we can also restructure an existing network to maximize your ROI (Return on Investment) for existing hardware

Network Design Sacramento, CA

Not only is Business PC Support good at designing enterprise-class networks, but we also enjoy doing it. Your company’s network is the most vital asset regarding your IT infrastructure. If the network is not adequately planned for expansion or is too complicated for anyone to figure out, your business will be severely impacted.

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Always Be Prepared for Emergencies

Business PC Support prepares your business for any disaster that could affect its IT system, such as a natural disaster, cybercrime, a power outage, or a human mistake.

Anticipatory Planning

In the event of any type of emergency, we can help you and your organization function effectively and efficiently by developing efficient policies and procedures.

Backups You Can Trust

Business PC Support ensures your data is current, protected, and stored in a hybrid environment: on-premises and in the cloud. This technology safeguards your organization against data loss and guarantees uninterrupted access to your systems and files during a natural disaster.

Consistently Examined Systems

Frequent testing of the backup systems allows us to guarantee their readiness for usage when needed.

Wondering if Network Design is Perfect for your Business?

We know it can be hard to decide whether to outsource your IT. We want you to know more about our services and how they might help your business, so we offer a free meeting. Our professionals will help you make a plan that works for you once you switch.

Network Design

Our office is one of the networks we've built for other businesses in Elk Grove and West Sacramento. Our skills and knowledge will help you connect your business more quickly, saving you money in the long run. If you plan your network well at the start, it will be stronger and cost less in the long run. As your business grows, we can help you set up a network to save you time and money. Security is built in from the start when a network is set up correctly. We can help your business with everything from setting up firewalls and security updates to ensuring that passwords, rights, and access controls are in place so that hackers can't do too much damage if they get into your network.

Data Cabling

Business PC Support can not only help you set up a safe, fast network for your company, but we can also create one for you. Our skilled technicians know how to run network cables like pros. We can also help you set up security cameras, network switches, and WiFi routers. We'll also try everything in the right way to make sure it all works as it should. Are you new to your job or moving offices? We know how to set up the latest high-performance network in your new office because we've done it before. We can also help you improve the space you already have by giving it a faster network and adding data ports to new parts of your office as it grows.

Network Design & Maintenance

The most important part of your business is its internal network. It needs to be quick and work every time, able to grow, and protected. If one of these things is missing from a network, all four might as well be missing. At Business PC Support, we can help your business with all of its networking needs, from planning and setting up the network in the first place to keeping it running smoothly as it grows.

Network Maintenance

It can be very frustrating for your workers and customers when your internal network goes down. Thank goodness we know much about network repair and can quickly find problems in networks already in place. You can get help from our networking team: Find and repair any network cables that are broken or old. Check for and replace routers, switches, and hubs that aren't working. Fix computer network cards that aren't working right. Do tests on your network to look for issues you may not even be aware of.